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Compressor Vibration Monitoring Services

Compressor Vibration Monitoring Services

Keeping air compressors and associated critical equipment in prime condition will extend life cycles and improve efficiencies, saving on running costs and maintenance costs. Compressor vibration monitoring is an important element in the set of diagnostic tools offered by CDH Group.

What is vibration monitoring?

All objects in motion are characterised by vibration signatures involving variations of amplitude, intensity, and frequency. Analysis of vibration data can be used to identify significant data which can in turn indicate developing faults in the equipment.

Vibration sensors are strategically placed on air equipment where faults might occur. As an example on a reciprocating compressor, this might be on the crankcase, on the drive side and the non-drive side.

Why CDH Group uses vibration monitoring

Vibration monitoring and analysis are an important part of our predictive servicing and maintenance schedules. We look for anomalies and identify changes from the established vibration signature of the equipment. 

This helps our engineers to: 

  • Compare results with baseline data to make informed judgements on equipment condition and performance
  • Identify potential problems and address these before a breakdown occurs and to increase equipment life cycles
  • Schedule timely and effective preventative maintenance work to maintain operational integrity

Predictive maintenance for critical plant

Our advanced API 670 compliant diagnostic tools are capable of measuring absolute vibration, relative vibration, and shaft/thrust positioning on compressors and compressor equipment.

Our engineers can pinpoint with high levels of accuracy which bearings or components may be failing and advise users accordingly.

Benefits of monitoring vibration levels

  • Plant safety – ensuring faulty equipment is taken offline before hazards occur
  • Avoidance of catastrophic failure and early warning of equipment failure, indicating parameters including imbalances and misalignment
  • Alerting to potential issues and providing alerts on potential repairs and parts requirements, reducing downtime
  • Increased reliability and peace of mind
  • Scheduling of predictive maintenance
  • Saves money and extends the life of assets

Thermography as a predictive tool

We also use thermography for predictive maintenance work. We utilise thermal cameras to produce thermograms displaying the incidence of infrared radiation within compressor equipment.

As the temperature inside a unit increases, infrared radiation increases too. Thermograms allow us to safely capture an image of temperature levels inside operating equipment. Increased heat levels can be an indication of issues requiring attention before further damage occurs.

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