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Compressed Air Monitoring

Compressed Air Monitoring

With businesses increasingly seeking to use advancements in technology to enhance performance and efficiency, real-time monitoring for compressed air systems is now becoming standard practice.

Volume production usually demands that equipment run at full capacity, which presents operational challenges. The ability to have a constant overview of the condition of critical plant helps engineers make the right decisions in terms of maintenance. This is where the fast-developing IoT (Internet of Things) can play an integral role.

Equipment & Technology – a constant overview of plant status

At CDH Group, we utilise advanced digital platforms for real-time monitoring of compressed air systems. Combined with smart technology data is accessible from any approved device or location.

Real-time access to statistics and data on compressed air installations and associated equipment yields reliable information facilitating timely preventive maintenance. This in turn reduces the potential for costly downtime and optimises operating efficiencies, enhancing productivity and reducing energy consumption.

Factory fitted or retrofit?

Remote monitoring is available for both new and existing air compressor systems. Sensors are fitted as standard to most new air compressors and can be retrofitted to most equipment.

These levels of connectivity give access to a range of functionalities. This includes insight into how efficiently the compressor is operating as well as parameters including pressures and temperatures.

What are the key benefits of compressed air monitoring?

Achieving a constant overview of plant status enables engineers to make informed decisions in terms of maintenance and repair, avoiding costly downtime.

  • Accurate data on running hours and other parameters means service intervals are calculated correctly, optimising service regimes and capital costs
  • Process reliability is improved through detailed analysis and reporting
  • Immediate real-time alarms alert on out-of-range events
  • Optimised compressor performance impacts positively on efficiencies and productivity

What’s the Process?

For new compressors factory fitted with monitoring equipment, CDH Group offers a free-of-charge service where parameters are updated daily with users.

Any emergency events are communicated immediately. For a small monthly fee, real-time data can be accessed directly by the user.



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