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Compressed Air Management & Air Compressor Controller Systems

Compressed Air Management & Air Compressor Controller Systems

Matching compressed air supply with system demand is an important consideration when designing and installing compressed air solutions. Correct control is vital for system energy efficiency and performance.

Why install compressed air management controls?

Multi-controller management systems work by reducing individual compressor output when demand is reduced, delivering the right volumes of air to match the system demand. Effective controls work to monitor system pressure, using algorithms to decrease and increase output to match the most efficient flow.

Compressed air system management makes a difference

Any installation where two or more compressors run together will benefit from an air compressor controller. Evening out the running of the equipment reduces both energy consumption and service/maintenance costs.

In addition, compressor controllers facilitate remote monitoring of equipment and can feed into a central building management system. Alarms can be triggered in the event of anomalies within the system. The controls also give real-time, accurate visibility of hours run for service purposes.

Compressed air management with CDH Group

We install effective control and management equipment designed to deliver:-

  • World-class machine control systems customised to individual requirements
  • Overview of all aspects including network pressure, pressure range and total consumption.
  • Cutting-edge controllers for applications operating multiple suites of air compressors
  • Cloud-based software and backup, accessible from any location
  • Remote monitoring of performance, efficiency and overall system health to ensure the system is operating and optimum performance levels
  • Multi-controllers can also manage additional equipment such as filters and dryers for total control of complete installations



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