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Compressed Air Leak Detection & Surveys

Compressed Air Leak Detection & Surveys

Unlike oil and water leaks, compressed air leaks usually aren’t visible and are often completely inaudible when the equipment is in use. Even a small leak can potentially add thousands of pounds to operating costs in energy terms and loss of output. Experience demonstrates that many can result in output losses of up to 40%.

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Optimising performance, reducing costs

Eliminating all leaks can be a challenge. With energy costs at current levels, compressed air leak detection surveys can offer an attractive ROI. For example, even a small compressor (30kW) running all year will cost over £80,000 to run. Leakage up to 40% represents a significant financial loss. Even smaller leaks will accumulate to impact running costs and efficiencies.

How do we measure and detect leaks?

Compressed air leaks produce a high-frequency ultrasonic sound signature. Trained CDH Group engineers use state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detection equipment to identify accurately the location and size of each individual leak.

How does the CDH Group leak detection service work?

The engineers will tag each compressed air leak accurately and produce a detailed compressed air leak survey document. A comprehensive report on all equipment tested will be provided.

Leaks will be categorised in terms of severity, enabling operators to address the most serious issues first to optimise savings. This will be delivered with full recommendations on remedial work to improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

What are the key benefits of a leak detection survey?

  • Compressed air leak detection services will demonstrate clearly how and where energy is being wasted in your compressed air systems through air leakage.
  • Leak detection surveys can be undertaken without any requirement to shut down the operating equipment, with no associated downtime
  • The equipment can be used to detect leaks even where equipment is difficult to access


How do you find a leak in a compressed air system?

Ultrasonic leak detection cameras are used to identify otherwise invisible air leaks in industrial compressor systems. They identify the sound frequency of air leaks and are capable of locating the exact source and size of the leak. Proactive and regular acoustic monitoring will help to control leaks, reduce costs and improve performance.

Is compressed air leak detection an easy process?

Leak detection imaging obviously has to take place whilst the compressor is working, but the process is quick and non-disruptive.



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