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Compressed Air Installation & Pipework Design

Compressed Air Installation & Pipework Design

CDH Group provides a specialist design and installation service. This ranges from single compressors to complex networks, plant rooms and compressed air piping installations.

Project Design & Delivery

Working with the world’s leading suppliers of compressed air systems, our engineers can choose from a complete range to specify and install high-performance solutions to match even the most challenging applications. 

Our engineers are factory trained and specialise in designing systems to deliver optimised output, performance and ROI.

Project design and delivery

Correct design, specification and installation are crucial to achieving compressed air systems capable not only of delivering today’s requirements but also future-proofed to enable the expansion of services to facilitate growth. 

Every compressed air system installation is different and requires a bespoke solution where all the elements work together to create efficient and cost-effective systems scaled to deliver the right quantities of compressed air to match individual installations. 

Different industries also have their own specifications in terms of air quality output, in particular food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and healthcare environments. These standards and specifications must be built in at the design stage to ensure every installation is designed and installed to individual requirements.

Turnkey Projects

Our specialist compressor engineers provide fully specified packages, handling all aspects of the design and installation of compressor equipment. From the initial enquiry and on-site audit through to the production of detailed 2D and 3D CAD drawings. CDH Group design plant rooms and distribution systems with compressed air pipework into production areas. 

Alternatively, our team can quote on existing specifications and provide advice and expert technical guidance on optimum output and efficiencies. 

Our engineers advise on demand, compressed air quality, supply, storage, distribution, compressor piping layouts and ongoing control and management to ensure the correct combination of factors to achieve optimum performance from every installation.

Installing compressed air systems 

All installation work is completed by experienced installation engineers, including pipework and ductwork for distribution systems along with electrical services. Once the installation work is complete, the system is tested and commissioned by our teams of service engineers. 

  • Reliable, efficient and expandable solutions
  • Experienced technical support
  • Nationwide coverage across the UK 

The importance of service and maintenance

Once the compressed air equipment installation is complete, CDH Group engineers will advise on the correct service and maintenance package to ensure the installation continues to operate at optimum performance and efficiency into the future. 



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